How to Rip a CD to MP3 using Free CD Ripper

For this tutorial I will walk you through the steps to show you how to use Free CD Ripper from Koyote software to rip your CD to either MP3, OGG, FLAC or WAV. Go to the link above and download the Freeware software. By its very nature physical media is massively prone to damage or being lost, so backing up your CD collections is a good idea.

Note: During the installation process make sure you un-check the two boxes below:


  1. Install the Dealio Toolbar (Uncheck it)
  2. Set Yahoo! as my default search engine and install search settings to alert me to any attempts to change it. (Uncheck it)

Really annoys me that they always include rubbish like this, but never mind. Once you have installed it open the program up via the short cut on your desktop (Free CD Ripper) you will see the first screen below where you choose your languages. Select yours and click ‘OK’. Also, make sure that the CD you are about to Rip is in your CD tray ready.

choose language

Followed by the main window. Check all the songs you want to rip

tracks loaded ready to rip

Now, you will want to tell the program where to place the ripped music. Click the ‘Option’ tab at the top of the window where you can select the ‘Configuration’ menu which will open the window below

config window and output path

At the top, click on the yellow folder, and browse to the location where you want the files stored. For myself I created a folder on the desktop called ‘Limp Bizkit’. You may also want to check the ‘Automatic CDDB at startup’ box, if you don’t it doesn’t really matter, but sometimes it may create an extra sub-folder and store your outputted files in there and the titles of the songs will only be listed as ‘Title 1. Title 2 etc, to get around this click on the ‘’ box on the main screen and it will ask you which one you want to rip. If there are multiple options in there, chose the ‘misc’ option and it will keep the names of the tracks as well. If there aren’t any options and nothing happens when you click the ‘’ box then you have nothing to worry about.

freedburner icon

Then click ‘OK’ which will bring you back to the main window. Now you need to decide what format you are going to rip your CD to, MP3, OGG, FLAC or WAV. To do this, click ‘Options’ again at the top and choose between MP3, OGG or FLAC (by default MP3 is selected. An option for WAV already has its own button on the main screen). Once you have chosen the format you want simply click the corresponding button on the left of the main screen and let the program start. It’s very quick to run, and the outputted media is great quality.


I have tested this program in Windows XP and Windows 7 Ultimate 64

That’s it. you’re done!

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