How To Find The Hidden Matrix Easter Egg in WordPress

I found this Easter Egg today whilst editing an old article in my WordPress Blog and thought I’d share it. It’s probably an old one and well-known, but I was pretty surprised to find it.

My current theme is Twenty Ten, but this probably works for the other themes as well.

First you need to generate an Autosave warning. To do this, locate a page you wish to edit, then add an extra character and hit Preview Changes (not Update). Then close the Preview page and the browser. Next, re-open your browser and go to the WordPress article that you were previously on and hit Edit (on mine it’s at the bottom of the article) You should see the Autosave warning now show at the top of the window

Autosave warning

Click on the View the autosave in red which will take you to the Revisions window

Revisions window

Now make the Old and New revisions the same (see Fig.1) and hit Compare Revisions which will start the Easter Egg

Old and New revisions

Once you hit Compare Revisions you will see the below message which will show one line at a time. There is no sound.

Easter Egg Sequence 1

Easter Egg Sequence 2

Easter Egg Sequence 3

Easter Egg Sequence 4

That’s it. Enjoy.

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