Wikileaks Releases more Cables

Julian Assange

As via the Wikileaks Twitter account, more cables have just been released. There are 5523 in total at this point and have information regarding current activities in Libya, Israel, China and Taiwan.

You can find the released cables on the Wikileaks servers below should you wish to look:

The 5523 cables detail US reporting on China, Taiwan and Libya.

[Update 1] It seems that there are to be quite a few more releases tonight including cables on Russia, Venezuela, Indonesia, Syria, Somalia, Bahrain, South Africa, Yemen, Cuba, Germany, Iran, Afghanistan, Poland, France, Turkey, Romania and Rwanda

[Update 2] WikiLeaks RELEASE: Muammar al-Qadhafi’s congratulatory message to Obama

[Update 3] A further  35,000 US diplomatic cables are expected to be released today

[Update 4] Wikileaks Cable on what China govt told US about 2007 changes to reporting regulations for foreign journalists

[Update 5] Wikileak Cable: U.S. companies win $2 billion worth of infrastructure contracts as reward for “political relationship.”

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