How To Find You IP Address

Please note that this is aimed at Windows users (XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 ) and will show you how to find your IPv4 Address

For this tutorial we will look at a few ways that you can locate your IP Address. There are 2 different types of IP Address. One is your Internal (Local) address  and the other is your External (Public) address.

First let’s locate the Internal IP Address

To do this, simply select both the Windows Key and the R key to bring up the RUN box.

Run Box Windows

Now type cmd and hit OK.

Now type ipconfig /all and hit Enter.

ipconfig find ip address

You should now be able to see your Internal IP Address. This is the one you will normally require for when adjusting the network setting on your LAN (Local Area Network)

Now let’s look at a couple of ways to obtain your External IP Address

1) Open up a blank Google page and type IP and hit Enter. You will see it displayed at the top of the search results. This is a relatively new feature to Google. Note: I have replaced a couple of my numbers with red stars, but yours will have numbers.

ip address via google

2) Go to WhatIsMyIP and again, it will show you your external IP address at the top of the window.

What is my ip address

This is the IP Address that you will sometimes need for when you want allow data to pass through certain ports (P2P configuring) or for allowing people to remote access your computer or configuring a VPN etc.

Hope this helped.

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