How To Stop Google+ From Jumping Whilst Reading Posts

Don’t get me wrong as I am a big fan and avid user of G+, but one of the truly annoying things about is the fact that your streams will constantly jump up and down whilst you are trying to read comments, post a reply or watch a video. This was supposed to be resolved a couple of months ago now, but it’s still happening. You will probably notice this more as you start to follow more and more people, especially if they post a lot. Auto-refresh is a good feature, but having the ability to turn that off or at least pause it would be much better.

To resolve this, it’s pretty simple and involves installing an add-on written by the very talented Robert Pitt. You can download the G+ Stream Pause add-on here, which is for Google Chrome only. Once it’s installed, which takes literally seconds, you can simply click on the Pause icon that will be in the top right hand corner of your browser window.

This will pause the constant refreshing and therefore jumping of your stream and allow you to take your time reading the posts/ comments. Once you have finished, and wish to get the latest posts again, just hit the Play button (it will change from a Play/ Pause icon depending on if you have paused your stream or not) and your stream will have the latest posts displaying.

Hope this has helped.

  • FreeBeing (@FreeBeing)

    Wow. Thank you SO much for this. I was getting so frustrated with this problem. Recently I was bothered that I could not see all my extensions on the bar. I found an extension to solve this called Extensity, if you haven’t heard of it or want to share with your readers.

    Definitely adding you to G+ and Twitter! Again, thanks!!!

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