How To Rip A DVD To AVI Using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

In a previous article I looked at how to rip a DVD to multiple formats using the free version of this software (which doesn’t rip to AVI), so for this tutorial we will look at the main differences between the free version and the paid for Platinum version. I have to be honest though, that except for the ability to rip to AVI, 3GP, Zune and make an identical 1:1 copy there isn’t a lot of difference. Although, if making an identical copy of your DVD collection, with out loosing any of the original quality, then the Copy function is definitely a benefit.

The program is for Windows and Mac and supports the following formats to convert to:

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • Copy 1:1
  • MPEG
  • WMV
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • Music (MP3)
  • iPod (choose the correct Profile Setting for this option)
  • iPad (choose the correct Profile Setting for this option)
  • Apple TV (choose the correct Profile Setting for this option)
  • iPhone (choose the correct Profile Setting for this option)
  • PSP (choose the correct Profile Setting for this option)
  • 3GP (choose the correct Profile Setting for this option)
  • Zune (choose the correct Profile Setting for this option)
  • Zen (choose the correct Profile Setting for this option)

You may notice at first glance that the Platinum version no longer supports Samsung or HTC. It actually does, so instead choose MP4 for either of these options, and it will play fine.

Right, first start by downloading the software (which only costs $35.95 currently) from here, and install it. As with the free version, there are no ‘extra’ programs to worry about during the install.

Once it’s finished, uncheck the top 2 boxes (unless you want to read them) and launch the program. Once the program has launched, you will first see the Registration window, simply enter your Licence code that was emailed to you when you purchased the program and hit Activate.

Good, that’s the annoying part out of the way. The program will now open and you will see the main window, which is showing the default settings in the image below

First select Disk at the top of the window to let the program know which DVD tray to look to for the film you want to Rip or Copy.

Now select Browse next to Output Folder to tell the program where to place the newly ripped file. Personally I always change it to Desktop for ease of finding it.

Now select the format that you wish the program to transcode the file to, (DVD’s are in VOB format) and adjust any setting that you want. I am choosing the AVI tab, and changing the Audio Format the AC3/DTS instead of MP3. I have also opted to use all 4 cores on my CPU to try and speed things up. If you want to have subtitles, then change it from Disabled to your preferred choice. At the top of the window when the program has started to play the film, you will notice that there are multiple titles to the DVD. You will want the main one (longest) as the others are just adverts. Simply select the longest one which will typically be Title1.

I should also note, that if you wish to create a perfect copy of the DVD instead, then switch to the Copy tab instead. This will make a clean copy of the disk in MPEG2 format that will play on pretty much any DVD player or computer, without any loss in quality.

Now, just hit Start. You won’t get a Success message when the program has finished, but the folder that the program create to contain the outputted AVI will open. The outputted file is great quality and the audio is in sync.

If you choose to instead create a copy of the film, the final file size will be around 5.5GB in total, but the quality will be much better.

That’s it, hope it helped.

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