Workaround For Megaupload DNS Issues

[PLEASE NOTE] This article is from 29th November 2011 and will not help you with regards the latest developments regarding Megaupload. The site has been taken off line completely at the request of the US authorities. It is a very sad day indeed.


For the past 24hrs now Megaupload has been down due to DNS errors. Quite what or whom is at fault here is guess work at the moment, but domain seizures are being blamed as well as perhaps Megauploads domain registrar. Here is what Torrent Freak are reporting:

Speculation on the downtime is rife, but it appears that MegaUpload has problems with its domain registrar. At the time of writing, MegaUpload’s current DNS records as reported by Network Tools are listed as and It’s unclear why the IP address listed ( belongs to Google.DNS errors

For the time being there is a temporary workaround that seems to be working for the moment. I have tested this on my Windows 7 machine, and am able to access Megaupload perfectly. The way to do this, is to change the DNS servers that you use to access the internet. These can be changed back as before when the issue is over.

Windows 7 users:

Start>Control Panel>Network and Sharing>Change adapter settings (on the right)>right click on a connection>Properties>Internet protocol version 4>Properties.

Now change the Prefered DNS and Alternate DNS servers to the following: and

Network and Sharing

Change adapter settings


Internet protocol version 4


For XP Users:

Go to Control Panel>Network Connections and select your local network. Click Properties, then select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)>Properties.

Again change the DNS servers to match the ones above. The DNS servers mentioned above can be used on XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Mac, and basically anything that points to a site on the web via DNS.

If the above DNS servers don’t work, then simply point to the IP Address of the site directly by using any of theses addresses in the address URL in your browser:


If you are interested in testing out other DNS servers that may either help you access Megaupload or just generally help you surf the web faster, the check out my other tutorial on DNS Server Benchmarking.

For Vista Users:

Control Panel>Network and Internet>View network status and tasks>Manage network connections>Right-click your Internet connection’s icon>Properties>Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)>Properties, then input the DNS server details as above

OpenDNS Server adresses:

Alternatively, you could try some different DNS servers like the OpenDNS one as below: (try this one as your Primary) (this is another one of the OpenDNS nameservers)


The DNS issues have now been resolved, so you should be able to connect normally. The problem came about after Megaupload changed their DNS servers which can take up to 72hrs to reach everyone.

  • m.h

    it didnt work for me :S

  • thegift73

    Hi m.h,

    Try typing the IP Address directly into the address bar at the top. You can use either one of the addresses below:

    Alternatively, you could try some different DNS servers like the OpenDNS one as below: (try this one as your Primary) (this is another one of the OpenDNS nameservers)

    You can also run the namesbench tool to see what DNS servers are available to you. Please see my other tutorial on that below:

    What country are you from? The Google DNS servers address seems to be working in most cases, but try the OpenDNS one first, and then try running the namesbench tool in the linked tutorial above to locate other DNS servers that will hopefully work for you.


  • Frank

    and what about Vista?

  • thegift73

    Hi Frank,

    I have updated the article to include Vista (at the bottom)


  • Sally Cinnamon

    it doesn’t work for me…

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