Fancy Your Chances As The Next 007?

GCHQ is recruiting again and this time is looking for people with code breaking skills. They are looking to hire around 35 spies over the next few months, with expert code-breaking skills as well as other skills such as knowledge of rare languages.

They have released a puzzle on The signals intelligence agency’s site canyoucrackit which involves deciphering the password contained within the hexidecimal code.

If you take a look at the source code on the page, then you can see that the “size” value for the password field is set to “16”, although I have no clue if this is a limitation of the maximum amount of characters allowed in the field, or the actual length of the password required.

There are quite a few people who are having a play with this at the moment, and some of their findings have been uploaded to pastebin. Brandon over at Volatile Minds has done pretty well at it.


Once the first part is deciphered, then it will lead you to the next part, Stage 2 of 3. Then crack that and get to the final part. If you fail it will return with the following page:

Should you eventually crack all the puzzles, you will see the below message

Good luck….


According to the Telegraph, the code has already been cracked. I take it they are referring to all 3 stages.

The agency told The Daily Telegraph that “a number of people” had solved the seemingly baffling grid of numbers and letters by noon on Thursday.

The feat was performed by the select few well within the deadline of midnight on the night of Sunday 11 December.

GCHQ declined to say how many people had cracked it or how quickly it had been done but it is understood that every individual who solves the problem will be offered a fast-track path to a job.

To be eligible for a job with the secret agency, however, the code-cracker must be a British citizen.

GCHQ introduced the puzzle – which contains no reference to the agency – to try to find people with the right skills for espionage in the computer


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