How To Remove The Annoying Blue Bar On The Google Home Page

A lot of people are complaining about the blue bar that shows up on the default Google web page. If you have your browser set to automatically sign you into any of your Google apps, like Gmail, Google+ etc then you shouldn’t have this issue.

Annoying Blue Bar
As you can see, the main aim of the blue bar is to advertise Google’s social networking site Google+, which is a great site to use, but not everyone will want to use it, but also don’t want it pushed into their face every time they open a new browser window. Luckily, the solution is pretty straight forward and simply involves using the encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) browsing method with Google. It’s also a safer way to surf as it uses end-to-end encryption for searching between your computer and Google.

Note that by doing this, it will also remove the text in the black bar at the top with the exception of the Sign In next to the Cog (settings) icon at the top right hand corner.

First let’s see how to remove it in Firefox (latest version)

At the top left, select the drop down arrow on the Firefox logo and choose Options>Options.


Under the General tab, change the Home Page to read and click OK.

General tab

Now hopefully, you have gotten rid of the blue bar.


Now let’s look at how to do it in Chrome:

At the top right hand corner, select the Spanner icon and choose Options from the drop down list.


In the Options window, choose Basics on the left (it should open on this by default).


Now next to Homepage, change the address to and then close the browser and reopen it. There is no save button.

Now lets take a look at Internet Explorer (latest build)

At the top right hand side of the browser window, click on the Cog icon, and choose Internet Options.

Internet Options

In the Internet Options window under the General tab, change the address to and then click Apply and OK. Then close and reopen the browser.

General tab

Another way to do this is via using Adblock Plus for Firefox, and to add the following filters:


From the Firefox drop down menu, select Add-Ons. Then next to Adblock Plus choose Options.


Now click Add Filter at the bottom

Add Filter

Then one-by-one add each of the filters shown above. Every time you add one you will have to click OK and then start the process again to add the next one. Don’t worry though as it only takes a few seconds to do.

add each of the filters

Once that is done you will be good to go. This way you still retain the text in the black bar for ease of navigation. I’d like to thank Jono123 for that suggestion.

That’s it, you’re done. Hope it helped.


[Update] I have some other articles for removing other annoyances in Google+ and Gmail and Bing below:

  • Derek

    Hi Richard, many thanks for the tip on removing the Blue Bar. I wonder if you could do a walkthrough on how to do the same with the Black Bar?. I managed to remove it by right clicking it ~ Inspect elements ~ in the style drop down menu, unchecking the top and fifth box down but I dont know how to make that change permanent.

    • Fred

      The tip of Litho here above (6 moths ago) worked for me in WIE 10! Thanks a lot! Litho wrote:

      Litho* • 6 months ago I use Adblock Plus and manually added this filter ##DIV#pushdown to disable the Google blue bar at the top of my google homepage

      (That link will also disable the annoying auto suggest feature.)

  • thegift73

    Hi Derek,

    No problem. Which browser do you mainly use?
    Also, the black bar should be gone from most peoples homepage as pretty soon as Google have started to roll out a new redesign

    • Derek

      Hi Richard, I am using IE8 with XP Media Edition os. Incidentally, I used your tip to remove the Blue Bar in Google Chrome, however, when I went back to the normal Google homepage, the Blue Bar had gone too?. I wonder if Google have taken on board the hundreds of complaints?. I am looking forward to seeing the new design. I just hope Google bear 2 things in mind for the future:
      1. Less Is More
      2. If It Aint Broke~Dont Fix It.

      Best regards, Derek

  • HQ

    Thankyou Techfleece and poster “Richard”, and also regarding the folowing poster’s comments…

    “1. Less Is More
    2. If It Aint Broke~Dont Fix It”

    Googel are you listenening?

    Nice to have the chance to fix things which are broken, even if, and or when, it’s not your fault the ‘it’ or ‘thing’, got boke in the first place!

    irritating blue bar is gone, and I will not be using that service ever.

    Google…. KISS! Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Peace to all.

    Unclenoah x (:o)

  • HQ

    I apologise for various errors in spelling aove….my keys don’t type as quick as I think they do!!!


  • thegift73

    Hey HQ,

    No problem. I do it all the time.

    Thanks for the comments.

  • Litho*

    I use Adblock Plus and manually added this filter ##DIV#pushdown to disable the Google blue bar at the top of my google homepage

    (That link will also disable the annoying auto suggest feature.)

  • Nick

    I followed your directions to remove Chrome blue bar from Firefox 13.0. It didn’t work??

  • DK

    firefox user. all I did is remove “swg” from the startup file. don’t know how long it will last but it’s gone now!

    • DK

      same guy here, it lasted about 6 hours and then it came back. But, I definitely got rid of it….I switched to Bing…

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