Anonymous Launches Largest Attack Ever Following Megaupload Closure

Anonymous Image

A expected, within minutes of Megaupload being shut down by US authorities and the owner Kim Dotcom along with others being arrested there has been huge outrage.

Anonymous launched their attack on multiple sites that were responsible for the shutdown, and made very short work of it. Currently the following sites have been hit hard by massive DDoS attacks, using LOIC  (“Low Orbit Ion Cannon”) to collectively attack multiple sites at once via the Hive mind which overloads the server, effectively shutting it down for the duration at the event. LOIC was designed as a stress testing tool to test load levels on servers.

Some of the sites above are up and down at the moment

Image of LOIC main screen

The group are famous for their online campaigns against tyranny and the abuse of power by governments and corporations, so to quote Anonymous, ‘They should have expected us’

Twitter Message

What are your thoughts on the shutting down of Megaupload and the reaction by Anonymous?

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