Anonymous Set To Start Their Own Cyberlocker

Anonymous are set to start up their own cyberlocker called, AnonyUpload for people to upload and freely share files with each other.

The site is being set up in the aftermath of cyberlocker giant Megaupload being shut down last week by the FBI, merely hours after the huge online protests against SOPA. After the seizing  of the site and arrests of some of it’s staff, other major sites have decided to stop their users from sharing their files (legal or otherwise) out of fear of the US, which is coming as a shock to a lot of people.

The site also shows a message supporting Kim Dotcom (Kim Schmitz), owner of Megaupload, for his site.

Thank you DotCom for the past years of services.
We hope you’ll be released as soon as possible.
Try to not make that amount of money next time, and it should be alright.

The site is hoping to open on 25th January 2012, and will grant each user their own FTP access to safely transfer files. The sites infrastructure is also to be housed outside US jurisdiction in Russia. Registrations don’t seem to be open yet as the only links on the page that are working are the donate and FAQ.

The domain is registered in the US (Yahoo!) for the short term, but they will be transferring it to a Russian host shortly. It was registered today, 23rd January, by Adrian Jesson.

It will be interesting to see how this project develops as it has the potential to be pretty big, and comes at a time when the cyberlocker giants seem to be quite happy to kill their own business models.

[Update] Via @YourAnonNews on Twitter

It’s hard to know whether this site is or isn’t a scam as getting information from Anonymous is tricky as there is no real leadership. So you might want to hold off donating until the site is up and running.

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