Photoshop CS6 Sneak Peak #4: Content Aware Upgrade

If you were looking for something new in Photoshop CS6 that would justify upgrading from CS4 or CS5, then this has to be it. The new algorithms for Content Aware have just been turned up to eleven.

I’m really liking what I’m seeing in the new tools and improvements that Adobe are bringing to Photoshop CS6. For me, I was a big fan of Content Aware Fill when it was introduced to CS5 as it has been one of the go-to tools for sheer time-saving in certain edits, like removing telephone lines or park benches. The one thing that did annoy me at times though was when you were trying to remove an object in a specific area where there simply wasn’t enough data for the program to work with. When that happened you simple ended up with a semi-removed object, but a mirror of whatever was close to it.

This has now been addressed in the form of the patch tool using content aware to easily move areas.

The other great new tool gives the user the ability to recompose an object with in an image. This means you don’t have to over complicate things with masks and layers, but instead select the object and recompose it and let the CA move tool fill in the background from where you have moved the object.

Move the object into the center whilst filling in the background

Here’s another look at the Content Aware Move Tool. Here you can see him make a simple selection of the lady in red at the back, and using the new tool, reposition her to the other side of the image.

Again, no need for masks or reaching for The Pen Tool, just a simple selection, and drag and drop. The original object, in this case the girl, is removed and the background filled in.

The last one is the ability to change the mode of the Move Tool to Extend. As you can see in the video, he easily demonstrates how to extend the length of the overhanging roof in the background.

Here’s the video below:

So, some great things are set to be released in the next version of Photoshop, and I for one can justify the upgrade as I know it’s going to save time.

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