Hackers Allegedly Steal Michael Jackson’s Back Catalogue Plus Unreleased Tracks

Two men (arrested last May) from the UK are accused of breaking the Computer Misuse Act and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act in relation to the 50,000 files that were obtained from the Sony servers. The hack is said to have been around the same time as Sony’s infamous breach of user date last year that saw the theft of data from over 77 million users, including usernames, passwords, credit card details, security answers, purchase history and addresses. It was later revealed that there had been another hack just prior to the PlayStation Network (PSN) that saw the details of 25 million users data.

The two men, James Marks, 26, from Daventry in Northamptonshire, and James McCormick, 25, from Blackpool have denied the allegations and were bailed to re-appear before the court in January 2013.

Among the 50,000 files that were compromised were some as yet unreleased Michael Jackson songs, including a duet with the Queen front man Freddy Mercury as well as a collaboration with will.i.am.

The Daily Star reports, “Record bosses only discovered the theft of 50,000 music files when a worker saw Jackson fans chatting about it on forums.”.

Sony have so far declined to comment.

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