Anonymous Are Voted 2012 Time Magazine’s Most Influential

The votes are now in and love them or hate them, Anonymous have made it to the top spot to become the 2012 Time Magazines most voted for when it comes to being the most influential figures across all fields, from politics to tech to pop culture. This doesn’t mean though that Anonymous are automatically now the winners of the poll though, as ultimately the editors will decide who is on the final list, even though Anon won the web vote by a huge majority. The candidate who emerges as the fan favourite (Anonymous) in the web poll is included in the magazine when the 100 are revealed.

In the 2010 poll, Julian Assange was the clear peoples favourite by a large majority, but the editors chose to ignore the people’s vote and instead choose Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who was further down on the list of votes at No. 10. So it goes to show that the voting really doesn’t matter as Time won’t listen to who the people actually voted for, but instead get ‘swayed’ to give it to someone else. Wouldn’t want a controversial winner now would we?

Personally speaking I definitely agree that Anonymous are without a doubt the most influential group (albeit leaderless) and have woken a lot of people up over the years. They got my vote.

Here is the Top 10 in the full results list for the 2012 Time Magazine (web poll) vote

        Name                        Yes     /     No

  1. Anonymous | 395793 / 27303
  2. Erik Martin | 264193 / 49450
  3. Narendra Modi | 256792 / 266684
  4. Asghar Farhadi | 140785 / 23359
  5. Imran Khan | 116130 / 25447
  6. Alexei Navalny | 92095 / 77309
  7. Benedict Cumberbatch | 91840 / 13327
  8. Bashar Assad | 91632 / 98387
  9. Jeremy Lin | 89691 / 9570
  10. Lionel Messi | 78987 / 10167

Did you vote? If so are you pleased with the results?

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