Change The Sharing Button Order On The New Google+ Update

As many of you are probably seeing by now, Google+ have released some pretty big updates in regards to navigation, aesthetics and general ease of use which I wrote about earlier here. Well, after I got back from work the update hit my account and I love it.

The first thing that you will definitely have noticed, is that your main area has changed quite a bit as things have been shifted around, which I have found really useful. One thing that may hopefully be of use to you is when you create a post, and like me either share it with a specific bunch of people or make it public then being able to have those two groups quickly to hand for ease of sharing via their buttons will save time. Here’s what I mean:

In the image below you can see that I am going to post something. Above my message are the people who I can share with, however these aren’t in the order that I want them as I normally either share with friends or publicly most often.

To change the order is very simple. Select Circles from the left hand area and simply drag your different circles into the order (from left to right in order of use)

Now when you go back to your main page you’ll notice that they are in an easier order for sharing. You will have to do this on your Brand page as well if you have one, but it’s worth the time and only take a few seconds to do.

Hope that helped.

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