Indonesia Issues Tsunami Warning After 8.7 Magnitude Quake Off West Coast

Indonesia has issued a tsunami warning after an off-shore earthquake with a magnitude of 8.7 (initially reported at 8.9 magnitude).

The quakes epicentre was off the west coast of Northern Sumatra, at a depth of 33KM (20.5 miles) and was recorded at 08:38:38 (UTC)

City distances from the epicentre of the quake are:

  • 434 km (269 miles) SW of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
  • 550 km (341 miles) SW of Lhokseumawe, Sumatra, Indonesia
  • 963 km (598 miles) W of KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia
  • 1797 km (1116 miles) WNW of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia

The tsunami warnings are for the following areas according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Indonesia / India / Sri Lanka / Australia / Myanmar / Thailand / Maldives / United Kingdom / Malaysia / Mauritius / Reunion / Seychelles / Pakistan / Somalia / Oman / Madagascar / Iran / Uae / Yemen / Comores / Bangladesh / Tanzania / Mozambique / Kenya / Crozet Islands / Kerguelen Islands / South Africa / Singapore

Here’s is the approx location of the epicentre of the quake in relation to Indonesia

Reuters reports that people in the region were making their way to higher ground, but quoted Indonesian officials as saying there had been no immediate reports of damage of rising water levels in Aceh.

The Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 killed 170,000 people in Aceh.

[Update] According to a reddit user, this was a strike-slip earthquake (focal mechanism), meaning that the threat of this tsunami being as damaging as the 2004 tsunami is minimal as the 2004 earthquake was a megathrust, meaning that the way water is displaced by the earthquake has a very different effect on any potential tsunami.

[Update2] The tsunami alert has now been lifted.

Sources: Reuters, BBC, USGS, Google Maps

  • Anand Kumar H

    Some of the TV Channels, while reporting the Earth tremors and the attendant Tsunami, kept mentioning that that mass of water moves to-wards the Coast. This is not true. It is only the Shock Energy that moves, losing some energy while travelling. The Shock Energy gets dissipated only when it hits the shore-line.

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