The Pepper-spraying of University of California-Davis Students Found To Be ‘Not Reasonable’

Original picture taken by Louise Macabitas

The official report by the Reynoso Task Force, with the assistance of Kroll Inc. (an internationally known risk management firm) assigned to the pepper-spraying of University of California-Davis students on November 18th 2011 by Lieutenant Pike,  has found that it was “not a reasonable use of force”. The incident sparked massive protests and anger against those involved as the incident went viral. If you watched the video (at the bottom of this article) of the incident on YouTube, then you can see very clearly, that Officer Pike had absolutely zero regard for what he was actually doing as he sprayed the students like he was watering the garden.

The Task Force which was headed by former California Supreme Court Associate Justice Cruz Reynoso, made very clear in their report (page 7) that the incident could and should have been avoided.

Our overriding conclusion can be stated briefly and explicitly. The pepper spraying incident that took place on November 18, 2011 should and could have been prevented.

I think that much we knew.

Page 10 of the Kroll report also stated regarding Lt. Pike’s actions:

On balance, there is little factual basis supporting Lt. Pike’s belief that he was trapped by the protesters or that his officers were prevented from leaving the Quad. Further, there is little evidence that any protesters attempted to use violence against the police. The Kroll report did note that  felt a protester was attempting to “attack” another officer and they had a brief altercation.

Page 21 Section E had some pretty scathing things to say regarding the dysfunctionality of the leadership within the campus

The command and leadership structure of the UCDPD is very dysfunctional. Lieutenants refused to follow directives of the Chief. This breakdown is illustrated by the heated exchanges between the Chief and her Lieutenants as to the scope and conduct of the operation and the Chief’s apparent concession that her officers will do things their own way and there is nothing she can do about it.

The full 190 page report is embedded below

Here’s the incident that went viral via YouTube

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