Game of Thrones Interactive Map Bringing Westeros To Life

If like me, you are a big fan of Game of Thrones, but sometimes find yourself getting lost with who is connected to who, or the history of the main houses etc, then look no further than the Game of Thrones interactive map that has been created by the people of at

[UPDATE] Here are some new images from the set of Season 3.

Using the map is very simple. You can remove the towns and the Geography (areas of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros) by simply checking or un-checking them at the top right of the map. The map itself looks to be based on the Google API for maps so getting around is easy. Either use the controls at the top left, or just use your mouse to drag around the map, select icons belonging to various characters (zoom in to see more) to read more about them as well as other  trivia. You can also scroll your mouse wheel to zoom.

On the far left is a list of characters from Season One and up to the currently aired episodes of Season Two. So if you haven’t read the book, you shouldn’t see any spoilers for what is to happen in future episodes / books.

There will be seven books in total written by its author George R. R. Martin, of which five have already been written. The sixth one, The Winds of Winter, is forthcoming



The Wall Game of Thrones

If you want to see an equally impressive map (a lot more detail with regards the geography of  the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, then you should really check out serMountainGoat’s web-site and his fan-made map (it’s huge) and other Westeros related articles.

Map of Westeros

  • stadironin

    Very nice :) I’m watching the series 4th time now and wanted to find maps etc.

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