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Information for Merlin Season 5, played by the talented Colin Morgan, is very slowly starting to trickle out via various sources around the web, so I thought I’d place the ones that I have found so far in one place. I will also be adding quite a few wallpaper and other images from previous seasons. Filming for Merlin season 5 began in early March 2012 in Wales and France.

The end of season 4 ended with a two-parter, The Sword in the Stone, Part 1 and Part 2, which really were some of the best episodes yet, which is saying a lot as there hasn’t been any that have been a let down yet in the total 52 of them.

During the two final episodes of season 4, we saw Arthur, played by Bradley James, having to flee injured from Camelot with Merlin, where they met smugglers Tristan & Isolde who were at first not so friendly. Eventually Tristan & Isolde join forces with Arthur and his remaining men in re-taking Camelot back. The dragon, Kilgharrah, voiced by John Hurt, is summoned during by Merlin to help them escape their pursuers and Merlin uses his magic to kill Agravaine. Arthur starts to doubt himself as a true King, but Merlin manages to convince him that he is the true king of Camelot by getting Arthur to draw Excalibur from the stone. The sword is never, nor has it yet been referred to as Excalibur in this series. During the final episode Isolde is killed after saving Arthur’s life.

At the end of Part 2 of The Sword in the Stone, we see Morgana fleeing injured from Camelot eventually collapsing in the woods. She is revived by the baby dragon Aithusa who revives her and heals her wounds. Aithusa was  originally summoned from its egg by Merlin in season 4 episode 4, who also named it.

The white dragon bodes well for Albion, for you and Arthur, and for the land you will build together.

The summoning of Aithusa ~The light of The Sun

First lets start with some characters that are to appear in season 5.  First we will see Mordred making a come back, but he will be played by a new actor, Alexander Vlahos, whose recently played ‘Luke’ in the 2011 film Truth or Dare. The reason for the age increase for Mordred would confirm what has already been rumoured, in that season 5 will take place some years after season 4 finished. Mordred will also have long hair in season 5 which will be set many years ahead of the current timeline.

Alexander Vlahos

Alexander Vlahos

It was confirmed by Digital Spy on Friday that Liam Cunningham, currently playing Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones season 2, will be appearing in season 5, but as to what his character will be is not yet known. Interestingly Liam Cunningham played Colfur (Season 1 Ep 5 Justice) in the US version of Merlin called Camelot which has since been cancelled. Liam will play along side other returning guest stars Lindsay Duncan (Queen Annis) and Janet Montgomery. (Princess Mithian)

Liam Cunningham

Season 5, which will air in the Autumn of 2012, will open with a two-parter called The Return (not officially confirmed yet), which according to IMDB, will also star Miriam Margolyes as Treddeas and Peta Macool as Peta Oind. We know that sometime during the fifth season we will be introduced to two new monsters and that the two dragons, Kilgharrah and  Aithusa are also set to play a big part of the upcoming season.

There may also be a sixth season as well as a movie in the works, which was hinted at during an interview with Digital Spy:

Q: Will there be a sixth series of Merlin?
A: “We’ve always planned five series, but it depends on how popular the show is. There’s every possibility it could continue…”

Q: Is there any more info on the Merlin movie?
A: “It’s in early stages – we’re discussing talent right now, e.g writers, directors.”

I am a huge fan of this series and really look forward to what they have in store for season 5.

Scene from season 4 finale showing Excalibur embedded in the stone

Images from various seasons:

Merlin Poster

Merlin Show Image


Nimueh played by Michelle Ryan

Show Image

John Hurt

John Hurt doing the voice work for Kilgharrah the dragon

Knight of Camelot

A shot of season 5's script

A shot of season 5’s script


A young Mordred played by Asa Butterfield

Arthur and Guinevere

Shot whilst filming Season 3

Knights of Camelot

Arthur and Merlin


Death of a King

Death of a King

Older Merlin




Tristan & Isolde

Tristan & Isolde



Tristan & Isolde and Arthur






10 things you didnt know about Merlin

Mystery shot from Season 5

Photo shot from the set of Season 5

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