Deleted Scenes From Star Trek 2009 Including What The Klingons Look Like

Whenever films are made, there will always be certain scenes that didn’t make the cut for various reasons. These can be for many reasons from time constraints, confusing the story line to just not good enough.

In Star Trek (2009) J. J. Abrams actually filmed quite a lot more than what finally made it to the main movie. One of the scenes that was cut that I really liked was when Nero’s ship, the mining vessel Narada, was surrounded and captured by the Klingons. His crew then spent 20 years on the Klingon prison planet of Rura Penthe. The scenes with Nero in prison, being tortured and his subsequent escape are great, but I can see now why the director made the decision to cut the scenes as it would have confused the story line.

I will give a very small explanation for each image that may need explaining but, being that you are reading this, you probably know the story well enough. The images are screen grabs, so not perfect, that I collected from my Extras disk on the bluray. The video clips are via YouTube

Let’s start with the cut scenes with The Klingons.

It begins by Nero’s ship being surrounded and captured by the Klingons. (this takes place approx 20 years before where the film start for us)

Nero ship surrounded by Klingons star trek 2009

Pre-rendered film, so the GFX aren’t great but you can see Nero’s ship being surrounded by Klingons.

Klingon Guard finds Nero’s private notes/plans a cell of one of the prisoners.

To escape death the prisoner names Nero as the owner.

Nero is then taken away to be questioned.

Centaurian Slug used to torture him to find out more about his plans to attack Earth and offer to join forces. Nero doesn’t go for it.

The guard throws the papers at him and we get to see Spock’s face on one of the sheets

After the torture, Nero is led away but escapes.

Artists impression of Vulcan

Birth of Spock

birth of Spock star trek 2009

A young Kirk with his brother and Step-father

This is the house that he grew up in

Uncle Frank

His brother running away after an argument with the Uncle Frank. It will be interesting to see if the brothers character will make any appearances in future films or mentions.

Cut to scene where he is cleaning the Corvette

Finds the keys, goes for a joy ride which is where we are first introduced to him.

Argument between Sarek and Amanda Grayson (Spock’s Mother & Father) after Spock’s fight with the other Vulcan children. She wasn’t happy.

Two different shots of Nero’s ship drilling into Vulcan shortly before the planets destruction

Really liked this scene. Would have looked great.

Original Spock walking past Sarek at the end of the film. After Spock walks past, Sarek senses something and turns around. It then cuts out.

Kirk cheating/ adapting, The Kobayashi Maru, which was the test that Spock developed for Star Fleet officers and was meant to be impossible to defeat. This was my favourite cut scene.

Remember the scene where Kirk is in Uhura’s room with Gaila, an Orion female. Well he tells her that he likes her etc…but also that he has written a personal letter for her, but she isn’t to read it until Three O’Clock. Exactly Three O’Clock the next day.

Whilst Kirk is taking the test he asks Bones (off camera) what time it is. Bones answers Three O’Clock. In the office above the test room, Gaila, checks her watch and goes over to the computer to access the personal message from Kirk

Yep, Gaila triggers the virus that made Star Trek history and allowed Kirk to beat The Kobayashi Maru.

Skip forward a while and we are on the Enterprise. I’m guessing by the cloths he is wearing that this is Day One aboard. He walks past an Orion female thinking it to be Gaila and apologizes for tricking her with the letter. Turns out that it’s not her. Awkward….

There are tons of awesome bits and pieces an the Extra’s disk including a hell of a lots of information on how the film was made like props, sounds, make-up, other aliens, spaceships etc. If you haven’t seen the extras disk, then either borrow one or buy it. Really impressive.

Here’s a blooper reel I found on YouTube

If you are looking for the latest information on the sequel to Star Trek, then I have written an article here. Warning, there are spoilers!

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