AnyBeat Has Been Sold

I have just received an email from the staff at AnyBeat informing me and all the other users that the short-lived site is now to be sold, although they have not stated to which company. It’s a shame really, as AnyBeat was one of those places for people who were either sick and tired of Facebook and its like, or just wanted another place where they could meet like minded and interesting people.

Dear AnyBeat Members,

We started working on AnyBeat a year ago this month, and launched our invite-only beta 4 months later, in September. Over the last 8 months we have built many features, fixed many bugs, but most importantly met many amazing people that have helped us build this community. Many of you have become our dear friends, and it has been wonderful to meet some of you in the physical world.

It is therefore bittersweet for us to announce that AnyBeat is getting purchased by another company, that will be repurposing it to address a different type of community, and will not be operating AnyBeat as is.

We are going to keep the servers up and running for two weeks to let you access any photos or other data that you may have posted, and have also set up a Google Group that will allow us all to stay in touch afterwards –!forum/anybeat-members

Thank you for all of your encouragement, support, creativity, and passion

– The AnyBeat Team.

For those who didn’t know anything about AnyBeat, which was an upcoming social networking site founded by Dmitry Shapiro; here’s a basic introduction to it:

The public Square, which was really the main part of the site for me, as there was always something interesting to be found there. As you can see, it was very similar to what Pinterest looks like now.

Dmitry, thanks for AnyBeat whilst it lasted and we wish you all the best in the future.

[Update] Dmitry has just told me via Twitter that the company it has been sold to has not yet been disclosed, but when I find out I will update.

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