Multiple Nations Are Expelling Syrian Diplomats Over Houla Massacre

Today, nations around the world are expelling Syrian diplomats currently residing in their countries over the Houla Massacre that happened last Friday (May 25 2012). The massacre has been blamed on the Syrian government led by its President Bashar al-Assad, although it should be noted that no official evidence has yet come to light to prove that the Syrian government were directly responsible for this.

So far Australia, France, Germany Canada, US and the UK have told their Syrian diplomats to leave. The diplomats are being given 72 hours to leave the respective countries.

The Houla massacre took place on Friday afternoon in the town of Houla in which 108 people were killed including 42 children. Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, told journalists in Geneva that initial investigations suggested that fewer than 20 of the victims in the village of Taldou, near Houla, were killed by artillery or tank fire. “Most of the rest of the victims in Taldou,” he added, “were summarily executed in two separate incidents.”

Australia announced the expulsion of two Syrian diplomats including the chief of mission, Jawdat Alai, on Tuesday and gave them 72 hours, as other countries have, to leave the country.

“The Syrian charge has again been advised to convey a clear message to Damascus that Australians are appalled by this massacre and we will pursue a unified international response to hold those responsible to account,” Foreign Minister Carr said. “This massacre of more than 100 men, women and children in Houla was a hideous and brutal crime.”

On the flip side of the reporting, it would be amiss to view the story from another angle, especially in the way the western media have been reporting on the Syrian crisis. To that end, you should definitely read Patrick Henningsen’s article on this subject over at InfoWars, as it is a very well written piece and brings up some important points.

The bigger question though is, is the sudden expulsion of Syrian diplomats from these nations a sign that an intervention is about to happen in Syria by the UN?

Sources: BBC, Reuters, The Times of India

  • sheilamba

    I hope there can be a conclusion to this terrible situation soon. I wrote about it here, with photos:Syrian diplomat expelled from US after massacre

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