The Science of Getting Drunk & The Hangover

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Most of us have experienced the joy of a hangover over at least once in our lives, or more often than not, most weekends. You know the story, you head out on a Friday night with your mates after work, have a few drinks at a bar then head on to another and another, then before long you are 3 sheets to the wind and talking gibberish.

However, have you ever wondered what’s going on inside your body from the first drink up to the last one of the night? Why some people are either aggressive, happy or just want to go to sleep whilst other get hungry and seem OK…ish? Also, why do we feel so utterly crap in the morning?

Well, BestCollegesOnline have created a really interesting Infographic that looks at the chemical effects of alcohol on the body in a cause and effect approach.

The Science of Getting Drunk

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