How To Fix ‘The export failed due to an unexpected error’ When Saving To PDF In Word 2007

If you have ever tried to save or convert your Word document (Doc) to a PDF in Microsoft Office and have come across this error, then you will know how annoying it is.

However there is a simple fix that will allow you to save as PDF again in Word without issue. Head over to the Microsoft article kb 2639417 and click on the Disable Quick fix (Microsoft Fix it 50793) , or use the links provided below:


Disable (will allow you to save or convert to PDF again in Word)

There is no need to reboot after applying this fix, and you should now be able to happily save to PDF again. Note that this issue also remains to Office Service Pack 3 (plus current updates)

For those of you who don’t wish to use this fix, the another simpler method is to use CutePDF (virtual printer). Simply open the Word doc that you want to convert to a PDF and print it just remember to point Word to CutePDF instead of your default printer. I have used CutePDF for years now and it is fantastic. You can download and use CutePDF for free.

Brief background as to why Microsoft disabled support for embedded TTF’s (t2embed.dll) which caused this issue to occur:

The reason that the issue occurs is due to the W32.Duqu exploit that was found by researchers back on October 14th 2011 which was related to Stuxnet ( discovered July 13, 2010). Microsoft released a security advisory (2639658) and fix for the Duqu exploit which exploited a vulnerability in TrueType font parsing, which could allow an Elevation of Privilege’s and remote code execution to hackers. Microsoft fixed this exploit by disabling support for embedded TTF’s (t2embed.dll). However, this fix also created issues for some users whereby applications that rely on embedded TTF’s were also affected like, certain browser functionality, as well as Microsoft Office functionality (like the ability to save as PDF)

  • Thankful Technician

    THANK YOU!!!!! Somebody who knows what they’re talking about. This fix works

    • thegift73

      No problem. Glad it helped you out.

  • afs73

    It works on Office 2013 too, thanks!

    • Richard Gailey

      Thanks for confirming Office 2013

  • Jesus


    For my office 2007 it did´n work. is it anything else to do???

    • antoine

      you should quit your office application before applying the fix

  • Hugh Beaumont

    I don’t believe it. CutePDF worked perfectly. I thought I had to stay in tonight:)

    • Richard Gailey

      @hugh_beaumont:disqus Glad it helped.

  • Robin

    Hey Gents,

    this Fix-It works fine if you want to safe the whole document. Thanks for that step, but …if you just want to safe a specific chapter of a document it keeps giving you “unexpected error”.

  • luoiliembac

    I’m using word 2010 in windows 8.1 64bit. Unfortunately, this fix can not be used for my OS version. Please help me to solve this error. I really appreciate.

  • sa

    Thank you so much!! CutePDF just saved me!

  • disappointed reader

    Neither worked. CutePDF created the .pdf but none of the internal linking worked.

  • esmaeil

    I had this problem.

    It was solved by updating the windows.

    good luck

  • Questionable

    I tried this fix. Doesn’t work. It looks like a fake fix.

    1) Be sure to reenable the security update from Microsoft.

    2) Be wary of CutePDF. Could be spyware.

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