Download Windows 7 Install Disks Legally & For Free


In this article I will show you how to download Windows 7 for free….and legally.

The chances are when you first get a new desktop or laptop that comes with Windows 7 installed, it won’t come with a full Windows install disk. If you are lucky it may ship with a rescue disk created by the manufacturer that will allow you to return the computer back to its original factory settings, or will have an inbuilt recovery partition. HP, Dell and other leading PC manufacturers normally will have one of these that ship with the unit, but not the full install disk.

Having the ability to have access to an untouched and clean Windows installation disk, that can also be used as a Rescue Disk, can be a life saver at times for either doing a complete install, repair install or using it to fix start-up problems that your computer is having.

The disk images listed below are untouched Windows 7 ISO’s that are available via Microsoft’s third party software distributor, Digital River.  The disks below are the media refresh versions and also have Service Pack 1 included with the exception of Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional x86 and x64.

Users wishing to download these disks, which are all available at the bottom of the page, should note that they will need their Windows 7 Genuine Activation Keys and must download the correct version. Your activation key for Windows Home version for example, will not work with Windows 7 Ultimate.

You can also create a universal Windows 7 install disk using the Windows 7 Ultimate ISO below and removing the ei.cfg file. Instructions on how to do that are here.

Downloading the disks (in ISO format) is simple. Just select the version that you require and it will automatically start to download. Then you can either burn the ISO to a DVD using ImgBurn (free and my preferred disk burner) or if you want to do a USB install which is a lot faster, then use a program like WinToFlash which will make your USB stick bootable and add the Windows files required. If you have never actually installed Windows before, then I have written a step-by-step tutorial on installing Windows 7 that is very easy to follow and will also give you some tips on how to change your boot order in BIOS should you need to know.

If you are downloading one of these disks to use as a Rescue Disk (activation key isn’t required for the Repair function) and wish to know how to access the repair functions that each disk contains, then please see the second half of this article, as it will tell you what each function does, and how to get to them. Also, if you are downloading one of the images below to use as a Rescue Disk, make sure that your OS matches. (32-bit or 64-bit)

Windows 7 Repair Functions

Here are the links to the Official Windows 7 images:



  1. trying it now and it may work?!

  2. Swaggaboss says:

    yea i’m sure it will work all you have to do is burn it to a dvd or mount it using daemon tools i’m using daemon tools because i don’t have any dvd with me reght now but i recomend you use daemon tools if you don’t know how touse it search it on youtube because it will save you money from buying dvds good luck!

    • You can always just create a bootable Windows 7 USB and boot to that. Installation is a lot quicker this way as well.

      • says:

        how do i do that boss im not a geek, bt i think i might manage.
        de problem my laptop proline bootmgr was compressed,i took it to the experts, they brought it back i still can go in my lap it just go to start up repair but dont repair anything at all. operating system is windows 7, bt i think they tried to install windows 7 ultimate cos there are now 3 operating systems. the other 2 just say user profile not found. please save formatting is out of the question. then i might as well take a hammer and do it the russian way.(no offence)

  3. Ian Smith says:

    Do I need a reg code for this

    • Not a registration code, but you will need to have your licence details to hand if you are using the disk images to install with. If you are simply going to use the images as a repair disk, then nothing is needed.

  4. it take a year to download

  5. I have downloaded the correct file [Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit] and burned it to DVD, but even though I changed the boot settings via the bios, it is not picked up on a reboot.

    I know the files are all burned correctly.

    After trying this over and over for a few hours and getting absolutely nowhere, I turned to the USB option. Changed my boot settings again via bios and still not booting to the Windows setup.

    Do you have any idea why this is happening [well, not happening if I am precise].

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate running on my laptop right now, but I have major boot problems and dumping/crashes, so I need to reinstall.

    Any advice you can offer is very much appreciated.

  6. if u want to active all versions of window 7 DOWNLOAD loader from

  7. Valentino says:


  8. Ernie F Bell says:

    Great Article and great advice about making the Repair disk. I now do that when I first get a new computer and I make a ‘Full Image’ backup of the harddrive after configuring it the the way I want it and after installing any important software or upgrades.
    I learned the hard way about this; Because way back in the XP days on an HP [with no install disk, only a OEM Recovery partition] I had a major Windows crash and the the ‘RECOVERY’ partition on the harddrive failed. I had not made the Repair disk [not sure I knew that I could or should back then] and I had not yet ‘discovered’ the need for making ‘full image’ backups of my harddrive.
    Your article is several years old but still very relevant. I am down loading the ISO file as I type this [taking several hours-big file and slow over my network+ DSL connection – should have made a direct connect to the DSL router.] . Thanks EFB

  9. blackninga3216 says:

    Im a kid but my dad has lots of dvds swaggaboss

  10. mary martin says:

    This is the ONLY thing that saved my OS after it was mysteriously removed. The system image download and clean windows 7 install recovered my OS successfully and then I had to download the software installer for my laptop and all was recovered and as good as new! I give five stars to this article!!!

  11. james us says:

    3minit for download

  12. Thank you Richard! I need this iso image for the exact reasons you stated in your article. I legitimately purchased windows 7 ultimate with a product key and no longer have the installation disk. This comes at a moment when I needed it yesterday and time is of the essence. You’re a lifesaver and definitely a credit to your journalistic prowess and technical benevolence. Again, thank you so much…

  13. djminecraftpx says:


  14. djminecraftpx says:

    fucking microsoft (hahaha)

  15. Mohammed Alqaddi says:

    Thanks man!!!

  16. PLZinNEEDofHELP says:

    I have a gateway laptop NV57H17u with windows 7. I was restoring to factory default and while in process was unaware that power plug was not hooked up. while restoring it died and now there is no windows. Im not sure of what iso it was or even if the partition is still on it. I was given a windows repair disc from a family member that has win 7 on desktop. but it hasn’t been helpful. I just want to get this fixed please help me

  17. Anders Holt says:

    Sorry, but it sems the links to windows home versions on top do not work anymore ?

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