How To Add Multiple Tabs To Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013

If you use Word, Excel or PowerPoint everyday for work then using document tabs is definitely something you will want to do as it is going to save you a lot of time.

Having the ability to have multiple documents all open on the same screen with the ability to switch between tabs, like you would your browser, is big time saver and a more efficient way to work within Office. The Office Tab program that allows you to do this is free to use and can be used in Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. So let’s take a look at Office Tab in action.

First head over to this site to download the free software and install it. If you have any office documents open, save your work and close them as you will need to restart the office applications after installing Office Tabs.

When you normally open Word (for example) you will have a similar looking blank page:

Now with Office Tab installed, when ever you open Word, Excel or PowerPoint you will see that you have a single tag already waiting for you. To add more tabs, simply single-click next to the first document tab to create another one. If you open an existing document, it will just add it along side any other documents you currently have open.

In the screen shot above you can see that the document that I am working on (the live document) is coloured red to show me which one is live. To change the colour, shape, or text of the tabs, simply click the ribbon at the top and then go Office Tab>Options Centre which will open the Options box for Office Tab. Or go Start>All Programs>Office Tab Centre

Now as you can see in my example the only thing that I have changed from the default setting is the colour choice for the live tab. To do this select the Style & colour tab, check the Tab Colour box at the bottom and then choose what part of the tab you want to change. I just wanted the tab, so I chose Select High, which opens the colour choices, choose your colour and OK. If you want you can also change the shape of the tabs by selecting the Tab-Style drop-down menu at the top. For different fonts to be used in the tabs bar, just check the custom font box and choose which one you would prefer.

Edit Options for Office Tab

If you want to make changes to Word, Excel and PowerPoint tabs at the same time, then open up the admin console via Start>All Programs>Office Tab Centre

main edit console

That’s it. There is also a paid-version which is for commercial use and has a few extra features that power users may like. The paid version (Office Tab Enterprise) also adds tabs to Publisher, Access, Project and Viso which aren’t included in the free version.

There is also a new version, free or paid, that supports Office 2013 (Office Tab 9.20) which can be downloaded here (32 and 64-bit)


  • Mandy

    Can you save all tabs into one documents so you can just open them all in one go next time?

  • susan

    The price for the software purchased was the best on the internet even better than Ebay! This was not the case of a price being to good to be true. As far as my transaction is concern

  • Sarah

    I downloaded the download for Word 2013 but I still see no tabs. I need some help… My Word doesn’t look like the one in the picture

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