Anonymous To Launch It’s Own Wikileaks Project Called TYLER


Anonymous are set to launch their own Wikileaks type project on December 21st 2012 called TYLER.

In a 2 part interview with an unnamed member of the hacktivist collective Anonymous, the Russian site The Voice of Russia (VoR) talked about the latest project that Anonymous are to start as well as talking about the recent issues that have grown between Wikileaks and Anonymous over the paywall incident that riled quite a few members of Anon earlier this month putting their relationship n the rocks.

This will be the latest leaks platform that has been created by Anonymous joining the likes of the Par-Anoia project, LocalLeaks and HackerLeaks which were made possible by the assistance of the Peoples Liberation Front. The main reason for creating these various platform is that it was important to Anonymous to find a secure, inexpensive and decentralized way to disclose information. In the past places like Pastebin were widely used for such things, but as of late, Pastebin have started to remove certain postings related to Anonymous leaks leading to a new venue be needed. What makes TYLER different from previous leak platforms though is that it will not be deployed on a static server. It will utilize P2P encryption software which will handle every function of the disclosure platform as well as being thoroughly decentralized. This would mean that taking it down or having it attacked would be virtually impossible.

As for the specific date of December 21st 2012 on which the platform will be launched; that was mainly for publicity reasons and has nothing to do with any actual belief if the now defunct end of the world fanfare.

There are some great questions in the interview relating to the Anonymous 16 who are currently either being held in the US, or in the case of Commander X, who is currently in political exile in Canada due to his indictment. The interviewer also touches upon the subject of Sabu, the now infamous alleged leader of LulzSec turned FBI informant, through to what the underlying philosophy of Anonymous means to [member of Anon] him in particular:

Robles: “What is the underlying philosophy of Anonymous?”

Anonymous: Freedom. And the defense of the Internet because it is the greatest tool of liberation in the history of humanity.

Robles: “What would you say to people who say you are criminals?”

Anonymous: What would I say to them? I would shrug and decline the semantic argument. One man’s criminal is another man’s freedom fighter. Whichever label you choose to attach to us says far more about you than it does Anonymous.

One of the main questions that caught my eye was the question regarding DMCA’s and how they are now being used as a form of censorship more and more. The answer to that question really did sum up what a lot of people know to be true as we are seeing it far too much these days:

Robles: “What is the Anonymous position on the media, on copyrights, on file sharing and on content?”

Anonymous: Our position is that the value of an idea to humanity is more important than its authorship. Copyright laws, especially since the UN mandated DCMA treaty – are being used towards two very destructive ends. First, these laws are used to enrich a very small group of incredibly wealthy and powerful publishing interests and “artists”. And second, these laws are increasingly being subverted for the purpose of censoring dissent.

Whatever your views are regarding Anonymous be it political or moral, and what they do; you can’t argue with their logic.

You can read both part 1 and part 2 of the interview regarding the release of TYLER as well as other questions at VoR.

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