Check Out These Awesome Replica Weapons & Armour From Game of Thrones

Below are a few items that the blacksmiths over at Valyrian Steel have created for the ultimate fans of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series. The designs for the weapons and armour are based on the TV show and not the books, but are still very impressive in their detail. If I could actually afford one of these, I would defiantly buy one especially the Warhammer.

The first one is based on the Lord of Winterfell and now King in the North, Robb Stark’s sword and will set you back and will set you back $230.00

  • Overall Length: 41″
  • Blade Length: 33″
  • Blade Material: 1060 High Carbon Steel
  • Hilt: Imitation Rayskin with Antique Brass Handle Parts
  • Blade Construction: Unsharpened, full tang
  • Plaque: Silkscreened wood with Direwolf sigil
  • Cost: $230.00

Robb Starks Sword

Next is King Robert Baratheon’s Warhammer. The hammer was forged by Donal Noye (according to lore) while he was still the smith at Storm’s End, and Robert’s prowess with it was legendary. This was the weapon that decided the battle and ended the Targaryen rule in Westeros when his hammer crushed Rhaegar Targaryen’s breastplate, spilling the rubies that adorned it into the water, giving the area now known as the Ruby Ford its name.

Hammer Details:

  • Haft: Steel with genuine leather wrap, 24k gold plated accent rings.
  • Head: Cast metal with antique finish, gold painted inlay. 14.5″ long.
  • Plaque: Silkscreened fiber board. Includes mounting hardware.
  • Overall Length: 44 inches. Weight: 10 pounds.
  • Cost: $270.00

Robert Baratheon WarHammer

Next is the knife used in the attempted assassination of Bran Stark that was recovered by his mother Catelyn Stark, after a failed attempt to silence the boy from telling what he saw in the tower. The knife had a dragon bone handle and a Valyrian Steel blade. It was taken to King’s Landing by Lady Stark and shown to Petyr Baelish, who identified it as belonging to Tyrion Lannister. Lord Baelish had originally owned it, but lost it in a wager to Tyrion years before

Knife Details:

  • Overall Length: 19.5″
  • Blade Length: 10″
  • Blade Material: High carbon damascus steel
  • Handle: Faux “dragon bone” grip with 24k gold plated metal parts.
  • Plaque: Silkscreened wood with Game of Thrones® motif.
  • Cost: $270.00


Catspaw Blade

Next we come to the famous helmet worn by Sandor Clegane, more commonly known as, The Hound, who is one of the most dangerous and skilled fighters in Westeros and was renowned his unquestioning loyalty, obedience, and readiness to kill on command. Before abandoning his post at the battle of Blackwater he was King Joffery’s personal bodyguard (not a Knight)  and is currently somewhere in the Riverlands.

Helmet Details:

  • Helm: Wearable fiberglass with operable jaws
  • Overall Weight: 15 pounds
  • Stand: Silkscreened wood with Clegane sigil
  • Cost: $300.00

The Hounds Helmet

Finally we have Needle, used by one of my favorite characters, Arya, ‘Stick them with the pointy end’, Stark. The sword was given to Arya by her brother, Jon Snow just before he set off to The Wall to join The Nights Watch. After noticing Arya’s enthusiasm for sword play Jon had Mikken, whose mark adorns the blade, create a sword specifically to suit Arya’s physique. Lighter, thinner, and smaller than a typical Westeros blade, the style was closer to that of Braavos across the Narrow Sea, to be used for thusting and slashing, style of combat more suited to the quick and agile, rather than those with raw strength. Jon christened the sword Needle, in homage to Arya’s least favorite hobby of needlework.

Sword Details

  • Blade: ~24″ (~30″ overall) high carbon steel (1045).
  • Hilt: Cast metal with antique nickel plate. Genuine leather wrap.
  • Plaque: Silkscreened fiber board. Includes mounting hardware.
  • Cost: $170.00

Arya Stark's Needle

Here is a note from George R.R. Martin regarding some of the weapons:

These are all tie-ins from the television series, produced under Jalic’s license from HBO, and not tie-ins to the novels, produced under Jalic’s license from me, which is why some of them — the dagger, especially — look nothing like the item as described in the books

For more items created by Valyrian Steel, check out their site.

So, which one’s would you like to get your hands on?

Images taken from and put together in Photoshop.

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