New Specs for Microsoft’s ‘Durango’ Xbox 720 Have Leaked

The specs for Microsoft’s next generation Xbox gaming console The Xbox 720, codenamed ‘Durango’ have been leaked by VGleaks.

Back in June 16 2012, were the first to start the ball rolling with Xbox 720 leaks when they released the The Road to Fortaleza PDF (originally created in 2010) that contained Microsoft’s vision for the next generation Xbox, along with some of the hardware specs, Kinect v2 as the 2011 – 2015 road map as well as a lot of other information. That leak caused huge speculation online during the weekend that it was first released and caused Microsoft to panic and force all sites that were hosting the PDF to remove it which only further increased the growing rumours that the leaked information was true. Here are a few of the pages from the Xbox 720 leaked PDF from June 2012:

Yukon Architecture snapshot xbox 720

Xbox 720 Overview

IEB Roadmap and Strategy xbox 720

As you can see from the June 2012 leaks, there will be a Kinect v2 that will be able to track up to 4 players at once, bluray support, Kinect Glasses, and a NextGen Interface that may utilize the Kinect 2 for a Natural User Interface (NUI). This information is backed up by the more recent leak from VGleaks especially regarding the NUI, (the Kinect has a dedicated port) bluray support and other specs.

Now here is the newer leak via VGleaks that shows the system block diagram, hardware specs and connecting ports. Full specs are listed below


The leaked spec in full:

A complete, top-to-bottom list of Durango features for your reading pleasure.

Central Processing Unit:

  • x64 Architecture
  • Eight CPU cores running at 1.6GHz
  • Each CPU thread has its own 32 KB L1 instruction cache and 32 KB L1 data cache
  • Each module of four CPU cores has a 2 MB L2 cache resulting in a total of 4 MB of L2 cache
  • each core has one fully independent hardware thread with no shared execution resources
  • each hardware thread can issue two instructions per clock

Graphics Core:

  • custom D3D11.1 class 800-MHz graphics processor
  • 12 shader cores providing a total of 768 threads
  • Each thread can perform one scalar multiplication and addition operation (MADD) per clock cycle
  • At peak performance, the GPU can effectively issue 1.2 trillion floating-point operations per second
  • High-fidelity Natural User Interface (NUI) sensor is always present

Storage and Memory:

  • 8GB of DDR3 RAM (68GB/s bandwidth)
  • 32MB of fast embedded SRAM (ESRAM) (102GB/s)
  • From the GPU’s perspective the bandwidths of system memory and ESRAM are parallel providing combined peak bandwidth of 170GB/sec.
  • Hard drive is always present
  • 50GB 6x Blu-ray drive


  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • WiFi and WiFi Direct

Hardware Accelerators:

  • Move engines
  • Image, video, and audio codecs
  • Kinect multichannel echo cancellation (MEC) hardware
  • Cryptography engines for encryption and decryption, and hashing

I guess we’ll find out at this years E3 that runs from 11th to 13th June of this year, to see how much of the new information regarding the next-gen Xbox are true, when Microsoft officially announce it.

VGleaks via Digital Foundry

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