Awesome Supergirl Costume Design Based On New Man of Steel Look

Check out this awesome Supergirl costume that was designed by Josh from FanArtExhibit as a commissioned piece for Alexis Cozombolidis’s profile image for her new position at IGN. He has done a really great job in capturing the new look for Superman’s Man of Steel suit and adapting it to suit Alexis.



Here is another Supergirl design from the same artist done back in November 2009. This is the more traditional look that people will be familiar with, and features the beautiful Amber Heard as the fictional hero.


I really wish they would make another Supergirl movie, as I remember the 1984 version that starred Helen Slater well, and actually really enjoyed it.

Which one of the designs do you prefer?

  • Nancy Hill

    I think it’s time to come into the 21st century and have an exotic supergirl. Amber Heard looks so plain jane, that other chic is HOT!!!

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