Peter Dinklage To Join The Cast of X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Tyrion Lannister

Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage who plays the character Tyrion Lannister is to join the cast of  X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

There is no official word from Brian Singer as to what character he will play in the next X-Men film, but Singer has officially announced the news via his Twitter feed.

One of the theories that are currently flying around, is that Peter will play Puck, which is 90% probable (just a guess) in my eyes.

Here’s some information regarding Puck via ComicVine:

Born in the early 1900’s, Eugene Milton Judd, or just “Judd” to his friends, was a soldier of fortune who traveled the world, having adventures. On one of these early adventures, he attempted to attain the ‘Black Blade of Raazer“, a mystical blade which, unbeknownst to Judd, contained the spirit of an evil being named Raazer. Upon accidentally releasing Raazer, Judd found the only way to defeat him was to absorb the spirit of Raazer into his body. This had the effect of changing the seven-foot Judd into a 3’6” dwarf, although he retained the full strength and agility of the formerly giant bullfighter and athlete; the demon’s presence also stopped him from aging. Containing the evil being also caused Judd great pain on a constant basis.



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