How To Backup & Export Your Google Reader RSS Feeds Plus Some Alternative RSS Readers To Use

Google Reader BannerYesterday Google announced that there were going to be shutting down their very popular web-based aggregator Google Reader so that they can focus more on some of their other products. The official day for Reader to shut down will be 1st July 2013 which means that you have until then to back up your current RSS feeds and export them to another RSS Feed reader tool of your choice.

This news has angered and surprised a lot of people who have relied on Google Reader for years as their main way of keeping up with the torrent of content available via news sites and blogs. I’m hoping that due to the negative reactions that this announcement has garnered so far, that the Big G will re-think their decision.

Google Reader RIP

So here’s how you can quickly backup your current Google Reader RSS Feeds that you have accumulated over the years. All in all the process should take you about 30 seconds via the Takeaway service. Your subscriptions are provided in an xml file and the following are provided in json files:

  • List of people that you follow
  • List of people that follow you
  • Items you have starred
  • Items you have liked
  • Items you have shared
  • Items shared by people you follow
  • Notes you have created
  • Items with comments

First open Reader and over on the top right, select the Settings icon. In the drop down menu choose Reader Settings

Google Reader


By default you will be on the Preferences tab, simply select the Import/Export tab instead. Once on that tab you will see the Download your data through Takeout link. Once you click on this link, your Google Reader files will be zipped and ready for you to download, by simply selecting the Downloads tab and hitting Download.

Export Reader RSS Feeds

Google Reader Files ready for download


Reader Takeaway complete


That’s it. Just keep them backed up somewhere like Dropbox or simply email them to yourself and go find another RSS Feed reader.

If you are looking for some decent alternatives for Google Reader then please check out the list below:


This one has been attracting a lot of attention in the past 24 hours as being one of the best alternatives to Google Reader. It comes in two flavours, Free and Paid. The free version does have its limits in that you can only follow a maximum of 64 site feeds, but this is unlimited for Pro users. A Premium account will cost USD$1 per month. Newsblur also has its own Android and IOS app as well as a desktop version and importing your old RSS Feeds is dead simple as they provide a link that will do this for you in seconds.

Currently the site is under huge load as many people are starting to migrate to the site from Google Reader so functionality is next to impossible

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