Checkout The Awesome Halo/Man of Steel Mashup Trailer ‘Fate of Your Planet’

Man of Steel Halo

I’m a big fan of machinima (mainly Halo based ones) and have been ever since I was first introduced to the fantastic Red vs Blue way back in 2004. My other love is movies, especially superhero based ones from the Marvel or DC universes, so the latest mashup trailer from Gugga Leunnam definitely hit the spot for me.

The trailer is a mashup between Zach Synder’s Man of Steel as well as various cut scenes from the Halo games including parts from the trailer for the upcoming Halo 5. The editing is fantastic, and I especially like the way he used General Zod’s warning to Earth to surrender Kal-El/Superman/Master Chief or suffer the consequences.

Check out Gugga’s mashup trailer below and let me know what you think.

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