How To Bypass The Mass Blocking Of BitTorrent & Music Download Sites By UK ISP’s

Bitsnoop blocked UK by SKY

The censoring of torrent related sites in the UK increased in a big way today as 21 sites that were deemed to be guilty of copyright infringement by the BPI and MPAA, have been blocked to UK visitors by the major ISP’s. The ISP’s that were forced to comply with a High Court order that ordered the blocking of these sites are:

  •  BT
  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • O2
  • EE
  • TalkTalk

According to SKY’s information page, the list of sites that were blocked by the UK ISP’s today are:

Torrent Sites 

  • 1337x
  • Bitsnoop
  • TorrentHound
  • Extratorrent
  • Monova
  • Torrentcrazy
  • Torrentdownloads
  • Torrentreactor
  • Torrentz

Music Download Sites

  • Ambp3
  • Beemp3
  • Bomb-mp3
  • Eemp3world
  • Filecrop
  • Filestube
  • Mp3juices
  • Mp3lemon
  • Mp3raid
  • Mp3skull
  • Newalbumreleases
  • Rapidlibrary

(Note: Some of the sites that were being blocked are now available to Sky and Virgin Media customers, although this may just be temporary. Thanks to Woof for the update)

This is the latest round of blocking in the UK since July when the TV Show indexing service, EZTV, was blocked by the same ISP’s after the BPI were again gifted a High Court ruling.  A spokesman from the BPI informed TorrentFreak that they had contacted all 21 sites this summer with a request that they “stop infringing copyright.”

“Unfortunately they declined to co-operate in any meaningful way, so BPI applied to the High Court, where the judge considered the evidence and decided that the sites should no longer be accessible in the UK. The new blocks will come into force by Wednesday, 30 October 2013,” a spokesman said.

The music industry group, which represents all the major labels, defended its action as both “fair” and “proportionate”.

“All of the sites were given a chance to stop infringing copyright before we went to Court, and the Orders were then only made once a High Court judge had fully considered our detailed evidence,” the BPI said. “We also believe that it is fair that the people who work to create music should be rewarded when it is downloaded, rather than sites overseas that are exploiting this music without permission.”

How to bypass the blocking of torrent sites in the UK? (or elsewhere in the world)

It’s actually pretty simple, and takes a few seconds to locate workarounds for the pointless blocking. Even though attempting to gain access to these sites has been hindered due to the latest wave of site blocking in the UK, that doesn’t mean that users are unable to find safe useable workarounds to this blocking. The first, and best option, would be to start using a decent VPN service so that you can simply access these sites via the servers belonging to your VPN in the same way that you would access or other geo-restricted sites from the UK or elsewhere. The VPN service that I have been using for some time now is CactusVPN (BitTorrent friendly) who have servers in the US, (3 servers)  UK (3 servers) and Netherlands. (3 servers which can be used for P2P) Using a VPN is as easy as surfing normally but without having to worry about your surfing habits being spied on or coming across blocked sites like the one mentioned above or the UK Porn Block which is set to kick in soon, whereby all pornographic sites will be blocked to UK users by default. For full use of all their servers, it will put you back £3.04 (US$4.89) a month at their current prices, which is nothing, and you can opt for monthly, bi-annual or full year options. I have written a review on CactusVPN here showing speed tests on their servers as well as how to use their inbuilt kill switch that will immediately stop a specific program for you should the connection drop out. CactusVPN do not keep any user logs either which is something that I always look for in a decent service, and can also be used on your Smartphone.


Example below is used normally when accessed via CactusVPN, or any other decent VPN service like Private Internet Access (PIA), for which I have written a review along with speed tests on their servers.

BitSnoop unblocked

The next method that works would be to download and install the PirateBrowser which will also give you access again to your favourite sites. However it is also important to point out that the PirateBrowser is not designed for anonymous surfing even though it does use the Tor network, but is only designed as a workaround for the censoring / blocking of websites.  Once you start to actually download anything from one of the sites above, you are still exposed.

If you are after anonymous surfing and secure surfing, then you should invest in a service like CactusVPN or Private Internet Browser (PIA) as this certainly won’t be the last of the corporate control that determines what sites UK people can and cannot visit.

BitSnoop PirateBrowser

Finally you have your proxy servers which again, will enable you to access the site of your choice, but don’t offer you the anonymity that a VPN will provide. For example to access simply use the main page and type the blocked site into the address bar and hit ‘Go.’ This will instantly take you to the main BitSnoop page. Other services that also bypass the government blocking are and Unlock Torrent, but again these services only allow you to gain access to the sites but still allow other parties to see what you are browsing and/or downloading which is why I would advise that you start using a VPN like PIA or CactusVPN instead as it offers far better security and anonymity that a proxy will.

Below is a sample workaround list for the torrent sites that are being blocked using the set of proxy sites that stay one step ahead of government censorship. The sites below have been tested as working when used on an ISP that is currently blocking them. (in my case SKY)

  • TorrentHound
  • Extratorrent
  • Monova
  • Torrentcrazy
  • Torrentdownloads
  • Torrentreactor
  • Torrentz
  • YIFY
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Kickass Torrents

If you have noticed any other UK ISP’s or mobile network providers that have also started to block any of the sites listed above, please add them to the comment section below.

[Update 1] Two more sites have also be added to the UK mass block list as of 13th November 2013, which are SolarMovie and TubePlus. The ban on these two streaming portals went completely uncontested by the six major UK ISP’s after the ruling was handed down by the High Court under Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. These acts of censorship have only been made possible after the constant lobbying of corporate Hollywood on the UK government who seem more than happy to do their bidding. When corporations can dictate the law or create new laws, then you have to wonder where it will lead.

[Update 2] It seems that YIFY has also been blocked in the UK as BT (my ISP) are now actively blocking the site. I would assume that this will be the same for users who use any other UK ISP. Please let me know for confirmation

[Update 3] The following sites have also now been added to the UK ISP blocklist:

  • Project Free TV
  • PrimeWire
  • Vodly
  • WatchFreeMovies
  • YIFY-Torrents


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  • jking

    I use Viatun VPN on PC and for a whole month 66p

    • jking88

      It can also be used on Mac and Android, iOS on the same subscription

      • shahir

        I am not sure about this one!!! I have installed it on my PC today and lots of error messages and background unauthorised add ons appear to have been added. I await assurances from more informed and advanced contributors.

      • pete

        why has no one sugested using a tor browser. it by passes everything for free

      • Michael

        You should never torrent through the TOR browser otherwise you will be de-anonymized.

  • vjb

    Does using a VPN also negate the ISP throttling back on torrent download speeds?

    • Richard Gailey

      Hi @9b84ff3a6306e67021dd226a2d1e1bb5:disqus ,

      Yes, if your ISP is throttling you when you are using the P2P protocol, (eg. like uTorrent) then if you use a VPN you won’t be throttled and your speeds should be pretty close, if not completely normal.

      Using a free VPN will more than often limit your speeds by quite a bit, but paid ones, like CactusVPN or (PIA) have very little impact on your speeds. (obviously if you are connecting to a server on the other side of the planet, then expect some speed hits) When connected via a decent VPN, your ISP can’t see what you are connecting to. All they can see is that you are connected and how much you are downloading, plus your privacy stays intact.

      Just remember though, as with everything, nothing is 100% guaranteed. Personally I have never had an issue with CactusVPN, but my provider doesn’t throttle any type of traffic as far as I know.

      • ed

        Richard, I also have sky and in the last couple of weeks I am experiencing right away throttling as soon as I star using p2p. Before I never had this problem. I am considering your advice.

  • Voidflakes

    Nice. Next they can try to block Youtube, seeing as people are uploading thousands of videos and music tracks there every day that anyone can download via their web browser, no p2p software required, as and when they wish. Sure the quality might not be up to scratch 100% of the time, but it’s not like that’s going to stop people.
    Besides, people are far more inventive than that. There’s a way around every blocked path online, and it takes all of 5 minutes for somebody, somewhere, to figure it out.
    So yeah… Good luck shutting down the internet, bruh!

    • boydy

      Your a fucking idiot.

      • Voidflakes

        *Clap. Clap. Clap.*
        Your argument is infallible, bro. You really made some amazing points.

      • LOLJK


      • Sum_1

        think it was sarcasm

      • jay

        hmmm hes not a idiot isp put so much money and effort into banning sits from being uusing there lines well i went on trusty google in minutes found a way around it

    • Crapjacks

      For the most part, I agree. In the U.S. ISP’s are starting to throttle internet speeds if you are using torrents. People obviously instantly figured out ways around the tests and now some ISP’s have more advanced tests but for the most parts it’s pretty lenient. We have no where near the restrictions of most other countries, except a few such as the Netherlands, and I realize this every time I leave the country and can’t access half my usual sites. The U.S. seems to be slowly inching toward similar policies enacted by countries like the U.K. so it’s good to know I can always get a VPN belonging to another country if shit hits the fan here, so to speak. Only thing to worry about is if countries that have extremely lenient interweb policies are forced to tighten restrictions, like Netherlands part of the E.U., but I suppose if that happens there will be third world countries that will purposefully enact free internet policies as to attract servers and get all the VPN hosting sites to host there. So considering that, and Tor, it seems like there will always be a way around whatever restrictions. People and govt’s need to learn to adapt and the mainstream media needs to accept that they need to offer their stuff completely free but with advertisements and we will avoid this whole problem. You can stream whatever movie you want for free and these “legal” sites are forced to charge at least $10 to just stream 1 title of a new release for only 24 hours. I mean if it was maybe $1 and I got the benefit of the highest definition, subtitles, bonus features as well as the reliability, support, etc., I would be willing to pay but the way things are now. Come on.

    • egegegegeg

      Yeah I think the ABC police are aware they won’t beat Google.

  • boutiqueofsexytoys

    great forum

  • sillymeeeee

    the streaming site has been blocked by virgin media.

  • Richard Banson

    Virgin have today blocked Yiffy

  • kirsty

    so glad i can get back on tubeplus thanks x

  • Loopy Lou

    I have found vm have also blocked access to……

  • PortsNotSites

    So, the UK Internet provider censorship approach is blocking the torrent sites. Interesting. However, here, my Thai Internet provider censorship approach is not to block the torrent sides (no problem going to TBP) but the torrent downloads (I am not a technical person, but I assume this means they are blocking required ports or the bittorrent protocol in general). How to circumvent this? I guess piratebrowser does not help, but VPN may? Can I change settings in my torrent client locally, for example to other ports? Thank you for any thoughts on this.

    Btw. entertainment industries need to realize that times have changed, and they need to work on alternative business models rather than corrupting democratic technology and abusing copyright laws, and trying to depict 80% of young people as criminals for commercial interests. I know do not do nothing wrong by downloading a PDF or a film after my budget is exhausted. Why should I have less access to culture just because I am poorer if it is so easy for mankind to provide cultural content? Digital content has zero copy cost… And the argument that nobody would be produce original content anymore has collapsed as an outright lie. Or anybody claiming that the games, books, films, or music produced this year will be any less good that those before the Internet and filesharing (say, 1994)?? I’d take 2014 content over 1994 content any time.

    • Crapjacks

      Exactly! I totally agree, that’s what I just said actually before I read your post lol. It’s all solely the entertainment industry, consisting of a bunch of old timers too who know nothing about technology probably, trying to make as much money as possible carrying the belief that they own the culture and media and therefore are able to charge whatever absurd amounts they wish and we should be forced to comply. If they adapted and changed their platform they could resolve all these problems by streaming all the stuff for free, but charging for advertisements. Yet they choose to be greedy douchebags.

  • Alex

    Been using megashare in the past to watch videos and stuff. It seems that it;s been blk as well recently,, all i did was to use my phone as hotspot, thats provided by 3 mobile, and everything was solved..not sure if it works for all web

  • Hay

    They have now blocked Megashare, totally ruined my day!

    • TimeToPanic

      Try this instead: Watch Movies Online for Free – Viooz

  • Andrew Glass

    you can also just download opera browser

  • johnm

    I can still access torrent sites on my phone (on Three UK), download to my phone and then email the torrent file over to my laptop :)

  • stephaniefulton

    I say.this was not to helpful today.Perhaps it will change in the future with more interest. I will keep searching for my solution. To $20 to $#’s in the url lines.

  • monkeybc

    Another round of sites blocked this weekend, torlock among them. I had a brainwave to get around the problem, though it only works if you have access to an unblocked service and cloud storage. Use a device (tablet/laptop/mobile) on the unrestrained network (eg vodafone) and download the torrents from the site to your device. you can of course simply bluetooth/email/wifi the torrent files over to your main PC but i find the more elegant solution is to download them into a shared cloud folder (eg dropbox). that folder should sync to your dropbox and you can download them as normal from there into your client.
    ultimately though it is only a matter of time for the number of isps blocking to increaseor further sanctions on the sites…

  • Kat

    Talktalk blocked torrentday

  • james smith

    using a mobile device as a hotspot is Genius. Heck, you could stand at calais and use a french mobile network, 4g, download 200 torrents and then use utorrent to download then through your original Isp and that will do you for a few weeks. where there is a will there is a way! I believe in de-regulation of the internet and let’s be honest the prices they charge are ridiculous. also netflix etc we have to wait ages for the latest films and Cinema prices (at least in europe are extortionate) If netflix had an extra system whereby you pay a bit more to see latest films, so instead of paying almost 11 pounds at a uk cinema for example you pay 3 pounds online and see a hd stream. I think that is Very fair.

  • Clif

    20 Dec 2014 Vm blocked Rarbg

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