How To Bypass The Mass Blocking Of BitTorrent & Music Download Sites By UK ISP’s

The censoring of torrent related sites in the UK increased in a big way today as 21 sites that were deemed to be guilty of copyright infringement by the BPI and MPAA, have been blocked to UK visitors by the major ISP’s. The ISP’s that were forced to comply with a High Court order that […]

How To Bypass The UK Blocking Of EZTV

Earlier this week, the UK high court granted a request by the MPA (Motion Picture Association) and FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) to force the UK’s leading ISP’s to start blocking the highly popular TV indexing site EZTV as well as YIFY-Torrents. The leading UK ISP’s are: BT – Confirmed as blocking EZTV (thanks to […]

UK Government Pushing For State Access To Public Emails And On-Line Communications

The British government is pushing for the state-wide ability to monitor the emails and all other forms of online communications, mobile communications as well as any social networks that are used. The plans to monitor this information have yet to be published, although we can expect something more concrete in the Queen’s speech in May. There has […]

Guardian Open Journalism: Three Little Pigs Advert

On 29th January 2012, The Guardian screened their 3 Little Pigs advert for Open Journalism. The advert  imagines how we might cover the story of the Three Little Pigs in print and online. Follow the story from the paper’s front page headline, through a social media discussion and finally to an unexpected conclusion. In the beginning of […]

Banksy Unveils His Latest Work ‘Cardinal Sin’

Banksy has unveiled his latest work at The Walker Gallery in Liverpool which he has entitled ‘Cardinal Sin’ and is on loan for an unlimited time. This latest work of his is designed as a response to the ongoing child abuse scandal in the Catholic church, which they have still failed to fully address or admit […]

British MPs approve tougher Iran sanctions

British MP’s have just announced via the BBC site Democracy Live to approved a motion imposing tougher economic sanctions against Iran. The government motion passed without a vote in the Commons on 13 December 2011 and confirmed the decision to tighten economic sanctions, including a ban on dealings with Iranian banks, extending to the country’s central bank. […]

British Police To Field Test New Weapon That Will Blind Rioters

The Telegraph are reporting today that the British police are getting ready to field test a new weapon to control future riots. The weapon called the SMU100 was originally designed by an ex Royal Marine Commando to help shipping companies against the threat of piracy, is being built by British-based Photonic Security Systems (page 2) SMU 100 It […]

Dmitry Medvedev’s Facebook Comment About Protests Backfires

President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev posted a comment on his Facebook page ordering an investigation into the allegations of electoral fraud during last week’s parliamentary vote, however the comment backfired in a big way as thousands of people started to leave negative comments. He also used the post to criticise Saturday’s demonstration which was the biggest single protest since the […]

Could Bill Gates Be Taking Back The Throne At Microsoft

Rumors are starting to circulate the web that Bill Gates may be returning to Microsoft as CEO. He is still currently the Chairman of the Board at Microsoft and holds the majority shares in the company. One prominent chief executive told Fortune he’d heard from someone close to Gates that he might be considering such a move. […]

Megaupload Endorsed By A-List Music Artists In Massive PR Score

Wow. Today’s announcement has literally come out of nowhere. Some very well-known A-list artists have come out in full support of Megaupload and have produced a 4 minute song titled, ‘The Megaupload song’ produced by Printz Board supporting Megaupload featuring the likes of: Kim Kardashian Puff Daddy Alicia Keys Snoop Dogg Chris Brown Kanye West Lil John Jamie […]

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